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Chevelle Wagons


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So, you really think that station wagons are cool. (as is evident by the fact you have been on the web looking at this stuff) Well, here are some wagon links that you may want to check out. Just don't let the fact that they also cover "non-Chevelle" wagons sway your love of GM! Be sure to return!!

This yahoo group is great for Chevelle wagon specific email exchange. Click here.
This yahoo group is great for a-body-wagons-gm-68-72 specific email exchange. Click here.

This site is displays ground-up rebuild and modification details and parts info for 70 Chevelle wagons. Click here.

Here is a yahoo group devoted to 64 and 65 wagons. Great contacts. Click here.

        Wagons have become very popular. Chevelles are getting harder to get and the prices of Chevelles are rapidly rising. Wagons are coming out of the woodwork. Maybe it's because they are an economical option and maybe easier to find in someone's backyard. But now wagon prices seem to be shooting thru the "roof" just like Chevelles and rightfully so in my opinion. Another reason they are so darn popular is because usually people either already have, or they have had, a Chevelle and now they want a vehicle that functions as an SUV but has that muscle car edge. You can have that emissions exempt big block power and haul the dogs, wood, kids, groceries or parts to and from swap meets without fear of being labeled a "soccer mom". For the most part, wagons displayed here are Team Chevelle members. This site is dedicated to the versions of Chevelles that had to work for their livings. Be it hauling construction equipment or those dang kids that always seem to want to know "are we there yet".

Chevelle 4 door cars


        All right! you 4-door guys can stop whining. Here is a spot for Chevelle 4-door cars.


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