70, 71, & 72 Wagons

1970, 71 & 72 Wagons are very similar, as you can see in the picture I took at the Spring 2001 Carlisle, PA swap meet. During the years of 70 to 72, Chevelle wagons were only available in 4 door versions. In 1970 the wagon along with it's cousin Chevelle, received a body design change. The majority stayed the same as 68 & 69 with exception the the tail lights, head lights, grill and dash board being some of the biggest differences. Among many other things this changed the radiator support, fenders, hood and the doors received safety steel bar inside.

72 Wagons

In 72 the Nomad model was the only model offering a 6 cylinder.

Nomad - model 1B36D - 6 cylinder - 2,956 produced.

Nomad - model 1B37_2 - 8 cylinder - 7,768 produced.

Greenbrier - model 1C36_2 - 8 cylinder - 6,975 produced.

Greenbrier, w/ 3rd seat - model 1C46_2 - 8 cylinder - 2,370 produced.

Concours - model 1D36_2 - 8 cylinder - 17,968 produced.

Concours, w/ 3rd seat - model 1D46_2 - 8 cylinder - 6,560 produced.

Concours Estate - model 1H46_2 - 8 cylinder - 5,531 produced.

Concours Estate, w/ 3rd seat - model 1H46_2 - 8 cylinder - 4,407 produced.

        Total 72 wagon production 54,535.


Tom Hollenstain's 72:


     Tom “MrMotorHead72” Hollenstain has done a totally beautiful job redoing this 72 wagon. Tom is the owner of the Chevelle wagons yahoo group.

Join this group and see more of his pics and other wagon inspired people and pictures. Joining yahoo groups is free so don’t be shy.

Pete Lohr's  100% original 1972 Concours Estate:



     This baby has survived thirty-some years now completely unmolested! It is practically 100% original. It has only 51,000 documented miles on it. This car has the original paint, rubber seal, motor, spiral shocks, interior, wood grain down to the hubcaps... all the chrome is perfect and only a few tiny specks of rust. I have the sticker window and the build sheet is probably still under the seat. I am the third owner, the first 2 were related. This car was optioned with 56-56 cream yellow, black vinyl interior, soft-ray tinted glass, power tailgate window, 4 season air conditioning, remote control rear view mirror, 165 hp turbo-fire (250 bulk hp @ 4800 rpm) 350 v8, turbo hydro-matic, power steering, G78x14 belted white strp tires, full wheel covers, electric clock, am pushbutton radio, rear seat speaker, bumper guards, luggage carrier. it also included power disc brakes, wood grain body panels, dual action tailgate, concealed stowage compartment, hide-a-way wipers, front shoulder belts, carpeting, glove compartment light, lighter, wheel opening moldings. This car was bought in Baltimore on 3/30/72. It runs and drives excellently. The air conditioning still blows real cold. It is absolutely amazing! look at more of my wagons at www.einstyn.com.


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