70, 71, & 72 Wagons

1970, 71 & 72 Wagons are very similar, as you can see in the picture I took at the Spring 2001 Carlisle, PA swap meet. During the years of 70 to 72, Chevelle wagons were only available in 4 door versions. In 1970 the wagon along with it's cousin Chevelle, received a body design change. The majority stayed the same as 68 & 69 with exception the the tail lights, head lights, grill and dash board being some of the biggest differences. Among many other things this changed the radiator support, fenders, hood and the doors received safety steel bar inside.

71 Wagons

In 71 the Nomad model was the only model offering a 6 cylinder.

Nomad - model 131361 - 6 cylinder - 2,801 produced.

Nomad - model 132361 - 8 cylinder - 6,528 produced.

Greenbrier - model 134361 - 8 cylinder - 6,128 produced.

Greenbrier, w/ 3rd seat - model 134461 - 8 cylinder - 2,129 produced.

Concours - model 136361 - 8 cylinder - 12,716 produced.

Concours, w/ 3rd seat - model 136461 - 8 cylinder - 4,276 produced.

Concours Estate - model 138361 - 8 cylinder - 4,502 produced.

Concours Estate, w/ 3rd seat - model 138461 - 8 cylinder - 3,219 produced.

        Total 71 wagon production 42,299.

Tom's 71

     This is Tom's 71 wagon. It has been his daily driver for the past 8 or 9 years. Tom says the old girl is slowly dying of cancer ( a little faster recently) and some broken bones ( cracked frame). This wagon has a 1998 Vortec 5.7, 1991 Tuned Port Fuel Injection, T-5 5 speed and 3.36 12 bolt posi final drive. The milage on the body of this work horse is 370,000 miles! Tom is in NJ and can be reached at click here. (verified 2/26/04)

Mike Shostle's 71 wagon;

Here is another one of Mike's Chevelle wagons. He also has a beautiful completely restored 69 Concours. This 1971 Concourse 9 passenger wagon is in the process of being restored. These are the pictures of how it stands right now, but soon will be transformed into a S/S clone. The car now has a rebuilt drive train including the original 350/350. P/DB, P/S, P/RW, A/C, Tilt, factory tinted glass, Factory 3rd seat, rebuilt 12 bolt posi in the rear, dual exhaust with Flowmasters, chromed rallies (for now) Soon to be torn down & built back up with an NOS tach & gauge cluster & S/S dash bezel, am/fm radio, sport wheel, bucket seats, console, restored 2nd & 3 rd seats, carpet, door panels, headliner. Functioning cowl hood with correct air cleaner. Heavy duty suspension, factory correct S/S tires & wheels. Sport mirrors, map light mirror. All body work will be done & painted black with white rally stripes or something  similar. This is a great long roof / street car in the making. If only the factory had built them like this!!! Mike Shostle is in Gilroy, Ca and can be e-mailed by clicking here. (verified 2/26/04)

Buddy Luman's modified 71


    This is Buddy's 71 Greenbrier that he is in the process of finishing. It was shortened 22 inches to become a very unique 2 door version. He wants to put Nomad emblems on it but is understandably having a hard time locating the emblems. The frame is now done and he is building a 396 for it. Buddy is planning on putting all the SS stuff, AC and all the power options. It has a 373 12 bolt posi and disc brakes up front. Also soon to receive bucket seats, console and Muncie 4 speed. Buddy currently owns 17 Chevelles and is hoping to use this wagon as advertisement for his Chevelle part internet business, Luman's Classic Chevelles. Located Cooper TX, Buddy can be reached by e-mail, click here. (verified 2/26/04)

71 Custom 2 door Flower delivery wagon


Contrary to what some people believe, Gm did not make a 2 door Chevelle wagon in 71. It is a nicely done version of what GM might have done. Sorry for the poor quality photo, this is an actual car, not a computer generated image.


Niels 71 in Holland


Hi Chevelles.com Team, I bought my Chevelle station / wagon 3 years ago I have crashed it and rebuild it.

While rebuilding it I had only one song on my mind: Elvis - Don't cry daddy

Now she is driving again I can't stop playing: Elvis - Stuck on You

The Chevelle is like a woman to me, Cost a lot of euro's but don't want to leave her.
My daughter of 8 loves the car as much as I do. 

Best regards Niels 1975

the Netherlands (Holland)

[email protected]

 My web site and more pics and info: www.chevelle.lutjebroeker.nl

Jeff Lilly Restorations completed this beautiful 71





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