70, 71, & 72 Wagons

1970, 71 & 72 Wagons are very similar, as you can see in the picture I took at the Spring 2001 Carlisle, PA swap meet. During the years of 70 to 72, Chevelle wagons were only available in 4 door versions. In 1970 the wagon along with it's cousin Chevelle, received a body design change. The majority stayed the same as 68 & 69 with exception the the tail lights, head lights, grill and dash board being some of the biggest differences. Among many other things this changed the radiator support, fenders, hood and the doors received safety steel bar inside.

70 Wagons

         In 1970 the production numbers for most models were lower then other years and the total Chevelle wagons produced was lower only in 65, 66 and 67.

Nomad - model 131360 - 6 cylinder - 4,315 produced.

Nomad - model 132360 - 8 cylinder - 7,151 produced.

Greenbrier - model 133360 - 6 cylinder - 877 produced.

Greenbrier - model 134360 - 8 cylinder - 5,503 produced.

Greenbrier, w/ 3rd seat - model 134460 - 6 cylinder - 0 produced.

Greenbrier, w/ 3rd seat - model 134460 - 8 cylinder - 1,798 produced.

Concours - model 135360 - 6 cylinder - 442 produced.

Concours - model 136360 - 8 cylinder - 11,567 produced.

Concours, w/ 3rd seat - model 136460 - 6 cylinder - 0 produced.

Concours, w/ 3rd seat - model 136460 - 8 cylinder - 2,906 produced.

Concours Estate - model 138360 - 8 cylinder - 3,833 produced.

Concours Estate, w/ 3rd seat - model 138460 - 8 cylinder - 2,220 produced.

        Total 70 wagon production 40,612.

Pete Lohr's 70 (photos are click-able to a larger copy)



This is Pete's "daily driver" and has a 454, 4 speed, and posi rear-end.

This project is partially started. The 70 wagon is tubbed, but has plans to turned into a 2 door panel wagon. The computer altered image above shows the concept of the conversion plans. the side doors and door jam and quarter windows will be grafted into the wagon body.

This is Pete's current project. A randomly boroughed picture (ok, it is Bob's below) of a 70 wagon above, then the computer altered image below showing the removal of the post between the doors. This is being achieved by grafting the short post, roof line, doors and door jams of a 68 or 69 4 door hardtop. Pete is one of those individuals that just can't seem to get enough wagon projects! To go to his web site to see the other projects, click here. If you want to e-mail him, click here. (that's mine, I'm this sites web master)

Bob's 70   

This wagon is amazing!

click here for Bob's web site for all you would ever need to know, Bob Inhoff's SS Wagon 

If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 5/3/07)

Don Ferguson's 70 (photos are click-able to a larger copy)


Normally I don't want to get into posting "engine compartment" photos, but this one is fun due to it showing a turbocharged wagon. 


Don's 70 wagon is a three seat Concours wagon and he has owned it for the past 10 years and only had 35,000 miles on it. The engine is a 307 with 6.5 to 1 compression. The (obvious) reason for the low compression is that he has a T-4 turbo blowing through a Holley carburator. For a transmission, he went with the overdrive 700r4. The rear end is a 12 bolt with 2.73 gears (this thing must have an un-godly top end!!). An intercooler is in the works. The interior is a beautiful tan color (I had to limit the photos, but you could always contact him and ask for them).

If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 2/26/04)

Gene Bolonte's 70 (the photo is click-able to a larger copy)


This belongs to the Pres. of the "Chevelle and El Camino Club of Oregon". His 70 wagon is a Concours wagon with only 87k miles on it. He managed to get the original sales form, protect-o-plate and all the documents from the prior owner. It was sold at Downing Chevrolet-Buick in Deer Lodge, Montana for $3425.60 on March 26, 1970. It has a 250 straight six with No power steering, no power brakes, with manual transmission and three on the tree. (1 of 442). Colors are Fathom Blue top (very faded), Classic White middle and Astro Blue below with a medium blue interior. Only option AM 8 track. Future plans include a frame off restoration, most likely keep it stock, has some more photos on his web site.

If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 2/26/04)

Steve Husak's 70

 Steve bought this1970 wagon 'project' from a fellow TC member of the Northern Illinois Chevelle Club in May 2003.  He is diligently working on getting it road ready.  So far that has included dropping in the motor and trans, rebuilding the front end, etc.  He is hoping to get some color on it in 2004. Steve is very interested in conversing with other wagon folks. If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 2/26/04)

update: here is the car now. 11/15/06

4X4 '70


Not everyone is going to like this, but someone put a ton of work into this custom job.

Orvelio's 70



     This is another rare 6 cylinder 70 wagon. only 442 built!.  It has a nice running 250-six cyl. motor, with a three speed trany- column shift. It is light metallic green with white stripes, SS  hood, grill, and SS  emblems on the sides, front and rear. It's not cherry but very solid and drives great!. It has 122,000  miles on the odometer (actual). The interior isn't too bad. The front bench is coming unstitched at one spot and the head liner is too at one spot but over all looks good. Dash has been modified to accept a modern style CD player, a nice JVC.  The car has regular steering and brakes. The vin # on this wagon is 135360B157141.  That makes it a Concours, one of  442 built ! If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 4/13/05)


Adam's 70


     If you want to e-mail him, click here. (verified 5/3/07)

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