66 & 67 Wagons

1966 and 1967 Wagons are very similar, as you can see in the examples below. During the years of 66 and 67, Chevelle wagons were only available in 4 door versions. They could be ordered with just about any option a person could desire.

66 Wagons

Chevelle 300 Deluxe 4-door Wagon - model 133356 - 6 cylinder - 5,183 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe 4-door Wagon - model 134356 - 8 cylinder - 5,028 produced.

Malibu 4-door Wagon - model 135356 - 6 cylinder - 3,757 produced.

Malibu 4-door Wagon - model 136356 - 8 cylinder - 17,978 produced.

        Total 66 wagon production 31,946.

Tony Cordato's 66 Wagon;

This is a great example of not only a 4-door wagon but one you have to give due respect. Tony's car has a 396 and TH400 trans. The rear end is a Chrysler 8-3/4" and the car has run 11.16 @ 119.75 mph. Tony is the president of "Long Roof Racing" and their site can be reached by clicking here. Tony no longer owns his wagon but is still involved with "Long Roof Racing". He could be a good source for information on drag racing!

Rob Whittaker 66 Wagon

     Rob has done lots of work with this wagon. it is in wait of the 408 SB in the garage and lots of other work to follow.

 Rob can be reached at: click here (verified 2/26/04)

67 Wagons

Chevelle 300 Deluxe 4-door Wagon - model 133357 - 6 cylinder - 3,604 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe 4-door Wagon - model 134357 - 8 cylinder - 3,808 produced.

Malibu 4-door Wagon - model 135357 - 6 cylinder - 1,945 produced.

Malibu 4-door Wagon - model 136357 - 8 cylinder - 11,715 produced.

Concours 4-door Wagon - model 137357 - 6 cylinder - 379.

Concours 4-door Wagon - model 138357 - 8 cylinder - 5,920 produced.

       Total 67 wagon production 27,371.

Steve Carter's 67 Wagon

Steve's wagon has a 350 engine with RV cam & HEI, TH400 trans, 12.7/1 steering, headers, dual 2 1/2" exhaust (in one of the photos that he sent, I could swear that there is a Ford 9" rear hidden under there!). He put the car together himself and refers to it as a "driver". He can be contacted by clicking "e-mail". Steve has now a new web site and it can be reached by clicking "website". (verified 2/26/04)

Tim Knierim's 67 Wagon

     Here is Tim's 67 wagon "in progress".  Now in Illinois, it is an Arizona totally rust-free car. It is/was optioned with a 283, PG, PS, PB and Power Rear Window. When finished, it will still have all the original options plus Power Windows, Tilt Wheel, 3 Spoke Simulated Wood Wheel, Speed-warning Speedo, Power Seat, AM FM with 4-Speaker Stereo Multiplex, Disc Brakes with Rally Wheels , Bumper Guards, and Cruise Control.

      It will be the original Capri Cream with a new repro original style gold interior. I looked for 2 years trying to find an unmolested original car. I think I will have a very unique long roof when it's done. I'm toying with the idea of cloning a L 79 with bench seat 4speed.

      Tim can be reached with much enthusiasm to be shared at: click here (verified 2/26/04)

Rick Craig's Custom 2 door 67 Wagon

I though I'd throw up a shot or two for you of my "in-progress" 1967 Chevelle 2 door wagon...I know I know, they never made these things, so I decided I would...It started life as a two door, and I hammered out the doors and pillars and replaced them with a set of 1967 doors and door jams from an El Camino...It was NO easy project by the way and unless you have great welding skills, wouldn't try this at home...The car is ala "Pro-Touring" theme with B-body spindles in front and 12" 1LE discs, and a bolt on 11" disc kit on the rear...302 (not a real one, just something I put together) gear driven small block with a Muncie M-21 4 speed through the 3.31 posi gets it down the road...The car has been in storage for almost 6 months now, but now that I have a new shop I can't wait to bring her back out and dial it in and then get it two tone painted, black on top and most likely pewter or cream on bottom...

Rick at: click here (verified 2/25/05)


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