64-72 Four door Chevelle cars

This is a place for us 4-door guys to show off.  This page is new and still being built, so bare with me. Any input is welcome.

An interesting fact about 68-72 4 door cars, is that they are unique. They are 116" wheel base like the wagon and el Camino, however the frames are not boxed like an el Camino and are not interchangeable. The difference is in the frame behind the rear differential cross member. The frame back there is like the 2 door cars to fit the trunk features, where as the el Camino and wagons have straighter and longer rear frame sections. So dont look for replacement frames  either for or from 4-door cars, they are unique.

64 4-door cars

         In 1964 Chevrolet offered 2 versions of the 4-door sedan.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 5369 - 6 cylinder - 35,000 produced.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 5469 - 8 cylinder - 10,718 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 5569 - 6 cylinder - 34,158 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 5669 - 8 cylinder - 33,940 produced.

        Total 64 4-door production 113,816.


  Jeff's 64



Here is a picture of my 64 Chevelle 300 4 Door. This car is a Sleeper
and has a 454 Big Block under the hood. All original body with 42,000
miles. Very fun car to drive and has been at a 1/8th mile dragstrip.
Thanks....Jeff Bartholomew


65 4-door cars

         In 1965 Chevrolet added the 300 Deluxe to the 4-door line up.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 131695 - 6 cylinder - 14,924 produced.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 132685 - 8 cylinder - 3,060 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133695 - 6 cylinder - 22,566 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134695 - 8 cylinder - 6,911 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135695 - 6 cylinder - 27,940 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136695 - 8 cylinder - 32,877 produced.

        Total 65 4-door production 108,278.


66 4-door cars

         In 1966 Chevrolet introduced the 4-door Hard Top. (no post between the side windows)

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 131696 - 6 cylinder - 11,869 produced.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 132696 - 8 cylinder - 3,193 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133696 - 6 cylinder - 17,935 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134696 - 8 cylinder - 7,535 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 135396 - 6 cylinder - 5,122 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 136396 - 8 cylinder - 19,905 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135696 - 6 cylinder - 16,428 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136696 - 8 cylinder - 27,351 produced.

        Total 66 4-door production 109,338.

Zuma's 66

Info from Zuma,

It all started when my brother and I spied this car sitting in my neighbor's driveway. I asked about it and it turns out it was for sale. He had bought it from an old lady in West Covina (kind of like the little old lady from Pasadena!) and drove it for just a little bit before deciding to sell it. So eventually, for $900 my brother and I purchased the vehicle. It still had the original 283/Powerglide combo.

We drove it this way for about 2 years but after lending it to a friend who didn't check the oil it was time for a rebuild. A rebuilt 350 with a mild cam and Edelbrock manifold/carb was put in place. That combo eventually killed the poor Powerglide and original radiator and the car was put away for storage (long story).

Now in 2004 I have no other car but our trusty Chevelle (another long story)! So out of the garage it came and I am so happy to be back in the mix. I love muscle cars with a passion. My first was a '71_Dodge_Demon with a 360/A904 combo. Loved that car! I guess I always seem to go for the oddball cars since I am an oddball myself!

Currently the changes are restricted to roadworthiness: new heavy duty water pump, U.S. Radiator 3 core radiator, new hoses, Hotckis rear springs, KYB rear shocks, new K&N air filter, and the wallet buster, a TH-350 with a shift kit to replace the shot Powerglide. Next up is a headliner, the rest_of_the_suspension, followed by wheels, disc brakes, then finally interior and paint. 

67 4-door cars

         In 1967 production dropped a little.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 131697 - 6 cylinder - 10,093 produced.

Chevelle 300 sedan - model 132697 - 8 cylinder - 2,860 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133697 - 6 cylinder - 12,686 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134697 - 8 cylinder - 4,937 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 135397 - 6 cylinder - 2,650 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 136397 - 8 cylinder - 12,366 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135697 - 6 cylinder - 11,278 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136697 - 8 cylinder - 25,636 produced.

        Total 67 4-door production 82,506.

   Bill's 67


     This is one of Bill Burke's, aka: BillsCamino on Team Chevelle.

Tim's 67


     Tim's car sporting 2 different wheel arrangements.

68 4-door cars

         In 1968 Chevrolet dropped the Chevelle 300 sedan model, but kept the Deluxe version.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133698 - 6 cylinder - 15,307 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134698 - 8 cylinder - 7,064 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 135398 - 6 cylinder - 1,949 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 136398 - 8 cylinder - 15,069 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135698 - 6 cylinder - 9,737 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136698 - 8 cylinder - 30,772 produced.

        Total 68 4-door production 69,898.


69 4-door cars

         In 1969, the body style was virtually the same as 68.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133699 - 6 cylinder - 9,399 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134699 - 8 cylinder - 8,198 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 135399 - 6 cylinder - 1,316 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 136399 - 8 cylinder - 16,956 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135699 - 6 cylinder - 6,970 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136699 - 8 cylinder - 32,063 produced.

        Total 69 4-door production 74,902.

 Wessel van der Touw's 69

I'm Wessel van der Touw from Rotterdam The Netherlands and I'm the very proud owner of a 1969 4dr hardtop. VIN 136399B323107

I bought this car 5 years ago with the intention to restore it as soon as it would break down on me. I drove it for the next two years without the slightest problem. In those two years the car really grew on me. Then after these two years I decided to start the restoration, because of some personal problems Iíve just started the restoration again. 4 days ago I picked the Chevelle up from the painters, and I'm really stoked about it, Iíve had it painted in a color called Moondust blue, it looks the dogs bollocks.

Because Iím from the Netherlands itís very hard for me to contact the right people for parts and information for instance, I really need new weather-stripping but canít seem to get hold of them. Maybe you could help????

Iíve found the build sheet underneath my seat.

This pic, I've just taken with the new paintjob.

I've bought the car from a car museum in the Netherlands, the interior looks brand spanking new.

So no work there. The reason I've started restoring where the front fenders they where rotting quite badly, but I've

managed to restore those so every part on the car is still original, I've even got the original wheels and caps. 

Thanx from Rotterdam


70 4-door cars

         In 1970, the 4-door received a new body style just like the other A-body models.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 133690 - 6 cylinder - 4,546 produced.

Chevelle 300 Deluxe sedan - model 134690 - 8 cylinder - 5,177 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 135390 - 6 cylinder - 904 produced.

Malibu "Hard top" - model 136390 - 8 cylinder - 20,575 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135690 - 6 cylinder - 7,525 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136690 - 8 cylinder - 37,401 produced.

        Total 70 4-door production 76,128.

   Paul Dyer's 70

Here is Paulís story:

     Well where to start .. I was (and still am) a poor university student who had a great passion for old Bowtie Iron. As opposed to most of my friends and their altezza's and farcans I decided to go a bit different with my choice of ride. So the search began, after about a year of searching and poking my finger through many chassis and hearing many knocking engines. I finally stumbled one Friday morning, in May, upon a near mint unrestored all original 1970 Chevelle. I went to enquire about it and who may come to the door but an older lady in her 70's. We began to go into quite the conversation about the car, she told me it never had any accidents, and she had to sell it because the direct steering and direct braking were much to hard for her to use and she felt it was a shame to leave it sitting. So I took a closer look at the car, at first I was a little turned away, due to the 4 doors and the 250 straight 6, but I figured a Chevelle is a Chevelle is a Chevelle. Upon looking at the car closer I noticed the remarkable condition it was in, especially considering it spent it's entire life in Newfoundland (which has EXTREMELY salty winters), the interior was mint, the back seat looked as though no one had ever sat in it, the engine was a little dirty but ran like a charm, and the paint was in fairly good shape. I then went to take the car for a spin, it felt good, there were no creaks, no bangs no knocks, it felt like a new car (and still had the smell according to my dad). Then looking down I noticed the odometer 29,736 !!! So upon return I asked about the miles, she said that the car had never left the city so there werenít many miles on it. Next I asked for the price, she said I was asking $3000 but you can have it for $2500, so I ran off to the bank and returned with the money and took my find home. I opened the glove box and in it I found the ORIGINAL SALES PLATE and card attached!! I then took it to get inspected, it passed no trouble. (The mechanic suggested I get a rear trailing arm put on but it was definitely roadworthy) Since then I have been slowly (mainly due too money) working on restoring her, I recently had it painted a different color, but have yet to get any pics of the car with the bumpers, door handles or mirror on (waiting for the paint to cure) But I do have pics of it in it's original condition.


-Paul Dyer

71 4-door cars

         In 1971 Chevrolet dropped the Chevelle 300 Deluxe model, replacing it with just "Chevelle".

Also, they introduced the Malibu Sports sedan. This is the 4-door "hard top" model. (no posts between the side windows)

Chevelle sedan - model 133691 - 6 cylinder - 6,621 produced.

Chevelle sedan - model 134691 - 8 cylinder - 9,042 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 135391 - 6 cylinder - 4,241 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 136691 - 8 cylinder - 37,385 produced.

Malibu Sports sedan "hard top" - model 136391 - 6 cylinder - 0 produced.

Malibu Sports sedan "hard top" - model 136391 - 8 cylinder - 20,775 produced.

        Total 71 4-door production 78,064.

   John's 71

        This is a 1971, 4-door, all-original Malibu with a 250 motor, PS, 3.07 rear-end, Mulsanne Blue, with a little more than 50,000 original miles. It is all original, except for an HEI electronic ignition added by owner #2 to prove performance. John still has the original distributor and rotor etc. and a new package shelf cover. He is now the third owner. (Photo below features my step-son Felix.)


        The interesting part of the story is that it comes from the salty North Atlantic, in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland. This car was stored in a gentleman's basement after his father passed away. He has an inspection slip from May 1990 indicating 39,997 miles. The car is in the survivor category. It did receive one paint job and has a couple of minor blemishes that he wishes he cut & replaced properly.
        Now the car resides in Sherbrooke Quebec. It's John's Sunday driver, featured to the right, on a beautiful day in the old part of Quebec City.

                                                 John has recently considered selling this gem. He may be contacted  at [email protected]


   Beldar's 71

This is my personal favorite. I just love this color. It is the PT Cruiser dark charcoal grey.

72 4-door cars

         In 1972 , this was the last year of this similar body style.

Chevelle sedan - model 1C69D2 - 6 cylinder - 6,764 produced.

Chevelle sedan - model 1C69_2 - 8 cylinder - 12,881 produced.

Malibu Sports sedan "hard top" - model 1D39D2 - 6 cylinder - 0 produced.

Malibu Sports sedan "hard top" - model 1D39_2 - 6 cylinder - 24,192 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 1D69D2 - 6 cylinder - 3,562 produced.

Malibu sedan - model 1D69_2 - 8 cylinder - 45,013 produced.

        Total 72 4-door production 92,412.


   Shawn's 72




Also have a webpage if needed: www.bruxtech.com/chevelle

Shawn can be contacted by clicking here. (verified 09/09/06)



   DeWayne's 72

here is a couple of pics of my 72 4 door hardtop
It has a 350 4BBL, 88K orginial miles and is dressed up to look like a SS.

DeWayne Epley
Acworth GA.






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