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ZZ4 cam change "drag car"

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I have a ZZ4 350 that I am using in a 1800lb race car w/ 5500 stall converter, powerglide
trans, 4.10 gears, 31" tall tires, & also a 3200lb race car w/ 4500 stall converter,
350 trans w/brake, 4.56 gears, 29" tall tires. I am only temporary using this engine &
only want to change the cam with out any mods to the heads. I think max cam lift with
these heads & springs is .525" I also beleave there is not mutch to gain after .500"
lift with these heads in stock form. With that said does anyone make a HR cam with
.525" lift 240 or 250 dur. at .050 & 106 lsa. I know this may not be the best design for
max power, but would work for this application.

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What about the GM Hot cam? It is supposed to be worth 30HP with no other changes to the ZZ4. It is .525 lift with the recommended 1.6:1 rockers that come with the kit.
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