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ZTR Recommendations

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Looking to replace my 8 yr. old mower with a new ZTR. So far I have looked at the Exmark Quest S Series and the MZ Bad Boy. The Exmark is 50" cut, 22hp Kawasaki with fabricated and welded steel deck. The Bad Boy is 54" cut, 27 hp Briggs and Stratton with fabricated and welded steel deck. The price on the Exmark is $3699 and $3499 for the Bad Boy. Now here's the kicker. My son works for Tractor Supply and gets a 15% discount. So I can get the Bad Boy with the 4 yr. pick it up and fix it warranty and taxes for $3678. The Exmark has a 1 yr. warranty and I'm not sure if they offer additionial warranty. So my question is for this price range what is the best ZTR on the market. Not just out of these 2 but all makes and models. Exmark says this model is their residential commerical grade mower. The Bad Boy is commerical grade.

Thanks for your replies.
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I have a cub cadet which is not as heavy duty as the two you mentioned but it has the 22 HP Kawasaki air cooled. It has been a great engine so far around 6 years old with 35 hours on it. I use it around 1.5 hours per week.
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