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Yikes! Take your pick

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amen. but on the other hand i am glad that these cars are not in the crusher. if you learn how to do all the work then the initial cost really is not the question. how much is our time worth. when we get home at night what do we do. watch tv. wouldn't it be a lot better to go home and work on a project and maybe someday drive a dream. i hate paying someone to do something that i can learn to do better. i have a 24 by 24 den. and that is just what it is a den. when i find myself in it too long i hybernate. (spell check) it's gonna be spring weather soon, come on people get off the couch and spend some of that money and get some exercise, you cant take it with you. dang. got to get back to the anna n. saga. you have a great day.:thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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