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.. yet another horn relay post

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Well, I have seen all the previous posts on horn relay issues, and I still can't get my horns to honk on command on my '71. First of all, the wiring harness is pretty jacked up from the previous owner's hacking, but my horn relay seems to be in working order. I have a constant 12 volts on the 2 screws on the relay; one screw has a red wire coming off it, and the other screw has a black wire and a black/red wire attached to it. And, I have the pink wire attached to the relay and my key buzzer works perfect. I also have the black wire from the actual horns attached to the relay. The only thing missing is the wire from the steering wheel to the relay. So, after reading various posts, I thought I could attach a wire in the remaining opening on the relay and ground this and the horns would honk, but they don't. Oh yeah, if I jumper the horns directly to the POS battery terminal, they honk. What am I missing here? Help!
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I will try that tonight. But if it works, it sounds like I still have a problem, haha. I need it to work with the horns plugged int. Argh! The frustration!

I hate when I get slowed down by something that seems like it should be so simple. Oh well, restoring a car is teaching me about patience.
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