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The boot # 1E-134 for a non console car

The trim ring IT-1311

The trim ring has a definite arc to it like it would fit the RST-76D shifter hump for a console car because of the arc to it. The hump I have is basically flat

Has anyone ever used the shifter hump rst-76d on a non console car? The boot and ring would fit it better as along as it is deep enough I guess for the shifter.
You need the RST-76D shifter hump for a manual trans with or without a console. I have no idea why they list the other one (RST-76A) the way they do.

The boot number is IE-384, rather than IE-134. IE-384 and the ring (IT-1311) will work with the RST-76D.

FYI, The carpet colored rubber grommet that trims the carpet above the boot and retainer, on non-console cars, is not available. Most people just use the retainer to hold the carpet down also on 65 and 66s. The 67s had a nice chromed metal bezel for that purpose.

Nice car, Jerry! Sorry, you ended up with the wrong hump.
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