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WTB 64-71 Chevelle/Maibu

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WTB 64-71 Chevelle/Maibu

I started in the hobby in 1970 w a 1966 SS427 Impala and want to end it w my last Chevy collector car. I am looking for a 1964 to 1971 Chevy hardtop or convert. Lets not waiste each others time. I will accept ONLY what I want w NO compromises except the variables. This car will almost certainly be my last collector car due to deteriating health. listed. I will consider NO 4dr's or Wagons of any kind nor finished cars I can get those here,neither appeal to me.
It must be-
-Titled WITH correct number plates-NO Bonded/Retitles, Bills of sale or title jumps. I WILL check and it will come back on you if illegal.
-Complete w more or less good glass and complete interior. Motor/trans unimportant. Pile of parts OK I KNOW what I am looking at + what to look for.
I have my own crate engine.
I expect an interior needing work but all there.
-Automatic -I am disabled, No clutch 3/4 speed jobs.
-Wheels/tires unimportant as long as they hold air roll.
-GOOD frame and inner/outer rockers a MUST. I know where to look and I will check. I do not mind minimal rust patches, but I do not want a flintstone car or major panel replacements (floors /qtrs). a roller abandoned project or old drag car would be perfect.
-Prefer 64 to 71 SS but.....
-Prefer 64 to 65 but.....
-In the upper midwest local to MN. I will pay shipping on the right car.
-$4000 or less including shipping if out of MN's imediare five state area.
If you are looking to scalp $1500 or more out of a bill of sale, stripped out or junk yard hulk - I am not your guy.
I am looking to have a car here by Nov 15th and I have a few located now, but want to see what else is out there.

Asking Price: Best Offer

City: Foley
State: MN
Displayed Email: [email protected]
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