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WTB 1964 Chevelle

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WTB 1964 Chevelle

Putting out feelers for a 1964 Chevelle hard top car. Body must be in good shape (no major rust, etc) as well as frame. Original drive train not a major concern. A driver would be nice but looking for a pro-touring project.


Asking Price: Best Offer

City: Washington
State: NC
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I received an email about a car in MO (I believe) and accidentally deleted the email (early morning and not thinking obviously :(). Please send me pics / video of the car. Thanks!!!
Ben, you have a PM.

ulySSes, that is the exact car I want..... just a bit out of my budget at this time. That is exactly like my dad's......... think I could trade a kidney hahahah!?!?!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts