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I have a 72 Chevelle that currently has stock seat belts with the detachable shoulder harnes. I do not use the harness but only the lap belts. The driver side lap belt has a bad retractor and does not go in. I bought one off of EBAY but the tab that goes into the buckle is too wide. I can not find a replacement aftermarket for it since it has the extra hole for the shoulder harness to hook into. :sad: Since I am going to drive this car to Chevellabration I would like at least a lap belt that is a little tighter. I am thinking of order a set of these.

Would this be a good idea? I had a friend who had a set like these in a camaro and they looked alright. Now the kicker is I have a bench seat so will they still work? They are supposed to be 64 inches long. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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