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World Products Engines??

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Does anybody have any experience with these engines? Summit lists a partial BB (454) engine. complete minus intake, carb and oil pan. it feature a eagle 4340 crank, H beam rods, forged pistons and hyd. cam. and Merlin oval port aluminum heads. sounds very good for $5,995.
need some opinions please.

thanks john
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If you really need a crate motor,I'd go with the GM 454HO

if not,pick up a 454 core,do a search in the performance forum for the many,many documented 454 combos from mild to wild,and then find a competent machinist.
If you get good core,you'll only to need to do minor machine work,like bore the cylinders,recon the rods and cut the crank.This can all be done on a reasonable budget if you don't crazy with parts.You'd be more suprised at what you don't really need.
With that in mind,I built my 454 for $2500
stock oil pan,stock rods,stock untouched heads w/stamped rockers (other than valve job,new valves/springs) fresh bore/pistons and a mild hydraulic cam.
Fast enough for a fun,but almost stock looking musclecar
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