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World Products Engines??

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Does anybody have any experience with these engines? Summit lists a partial BB (454) engine. complete minus intake, carb and oil pan. it feature a eagle 4340 crank, H beam rods, forged pistons and hyd. cam. and Merlin oval port aluminum heads. sounds very good for $5,995.
need some opinions please.

thanks john
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I have the zz454 - it dyno'd stronger than advertised - check the engine link in my sig.
John - 490 hp 516ft lbs of torque. It's the stock zz454 intake, and I have my old set of Thorly headers from my 402. Holley 770 street avenger with stock jets. Engine fits in the bay as well as a 396 block - the outside dimensions and mount points are identical - you headers should be fine - but I do suggest a prefit befor you lower the engine into the bay. I've heard that some cheaper headers do not have a relief in the flange for the head bolts. Mine were fine, but it was 30 minutes well spent. I got mine from Sallee Chevrolet - I highly recommend them - I also suggest the extra money for the dyno tuning. They break it in, dyno tune your carb, and send you an engine that is truly turn key.
John - they are ovals on the zz454. I've heard that they are actually the eldelbrock performer heads, but I can't verify that. The sizes look the same, but the ones I have came with slightly bigger intake valves (2.25). I looked at the WP engines as well - almost went with them, but I like the idea of the nationwide GM dealer network when it came to the warrantee and replacement parts. Plus my local WP dealer didn't offer the dyno tuning service, and they were not familiar with the components needed to fit it into an A body. Sallee replaced those parts for me with swap out prices, and kept it all in the warrantee. I think they can get WP's as well - you should check out their website - Call their tech line and ask for Tom - (Tom Sallee)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts