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World Products Engines??

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Does anybody have any experience with these engines? Summit lists a partial BB (454) engine. complete minus intake, carb and oil pan. it feature a eagle 4340 crank, H beam rods, forged pistons and hyd. cam. and Merlin oval port aluminum heads. sounds very good for $5,995.
need some opinions please.

thanks john
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thanks, i feel the same about the political side of it. i didn't realize how many of the engine parts are imported now. i had a engine builder tell me the GM crate motors are from china. all under 502 anyway.
i'm just looking for a strong, realiable 454 engine for my chevelle.

thanks john

any other comments are welcome
understood. i like the ZZ454 @ 440 HP. i've had the rect. port heads that these come with and i'd rather run the oval port aluminum. the above mentioned GM crate features the rect. btw the world products merlin lll is a bit cheaper with the same warranty. i'm loking for quality concerns?

what do you think?
thanks mike. am i reading that right? aprox 500hp? ver strong...
can i ask which intake and carb your running? also are the exhuast flanges on the aluminum heads "stock size" to allow my headers to bolt up? very little clearance on my 69 chevelle.

thanks john

ps the local chevy dealer sells Merlin engines?
thanks again mike. my ps on the last note about Merlin engines? i've been comparing the zz454 chevy crate to the merlin lll from world products. the chevy has rect. port heads, right?

i pulled up the ZZ454 on the web site you gave me. they have a great array of performance equipment. that engine sounds perfect. Sallee chevy wants $5675 plus shipping. i checked a local chevy dealer here in Michigan. they want $6,550 for it? i'll need the flywheel with my 4 speed. i wonder how they balance the engine without the flywheel? i guess they're seperately balanced?
when you talked to Sallee's tech. did you have any internal options ie. a different cam? maybe a roller hyd. unit? also how's the lope on your engine? they gotta sound good even if it doesn't make them run better.

thanks for all of the information. john
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