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work I'm doing now and car history

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Let me start with a little history on my car. I bought it when I was 20 in 2004. It was a total basket case, it had been wrecked in the front, previous owner butchered it when he took the notor out. It had rusted out quarter panels and no interior exept dash. Being young and limited on space and tools I restored it with the frame on. Fully stripped paint put on new fenders and quarters. Got it painted in 2010. In 2007 after the body work but before paint I had a th350 built by a great local shop and bought a built motor locally(383). Back then I did know a decent amount about sbc specs like cam, cr, and runner size it took to make power but was unaware of offshore parts. So about a year later I realized I had procomp heads, had never even heard of them before. So I don't really belive half of what's supposed to be there. That leads to now where the motor in my sig will be going in this fall. Right now I've been rebuilding a stock hei with a recurve kit and adj vac adv. And setting it up for a msd box. I've been having trouble with a slow battery drain for a couple yrs. Through reading in the archives I think its this crap 1 wire alt. I'm going to change it over to a 12si in the next month. I have found the diagrams on here and it seems easy but ill holler at you guys if I have any trouble
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Ok I gotta figure out how but I will soon lol
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