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wont start....

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i just got a 72 started fine but i did have to go through all the gears on the column and then put it in it wont start. I am thinking it is the neutral saftey it located in the column...or on the tranny? started was making a clicking noise before when i tried to start it...and then nothing....i turn the key and nothing happens? what could this be?
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Neutral safety switch is on the column it may be loose and out of adjustment. Hold the key in the start position and wiggle the shifter in park or neutral.
If that doesn't work and you still suspect the neutral/safety switch. Remove the connector (should have purple and purple/white stripe wires) and jumper with a paper clip. Be careful because now your car will start in any gear.
If this doesn't work I would try jumpering the start terminal on the starter to the battery cable on the starter. This is very hard to get to and I prefer to add my own wire to the S terminal on the starter and run it up to close to the battery + terminal. This wire can come in handy if you need to bump the engine around for setting valves.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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