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WIW any 73-80 Chevy P/U Guys Here? NOS Parts

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I got some NOS Fenders, Doors, a tailgate, and a core support among some other smaller parts....NOS Gas tank cap, Wheel Well Molding, weatherstrip etc... Im just trying to get an idea of what its worth....One door and both fenders have Clear GM Stickers, and on the tailgate you can see whats left of the sticker. Any ideas on what this stuff might be worth? Thanks!
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Andy, How do you find completed listings on eBay? Thanks Jerry! That's about what I was thinking
I just saw it, seems to be all over the place....some sold for 429 and some for 250.....give me a decent idea. I appreciate the help guys!
David, thanks! I listed everything for what I thought was a little on the high side. We'll see what happens. I've seen crazy things happen on classifieds haha.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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