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WIW any 73-80 Chevy P/U Guys Here? NOS Parts

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I got some NOS Fenders, Doors, a tailgate, and a core support among some other smaller parts....NOS Gas tank cap, Wheel Well Molding, weatherstrip etc... Im just trying to get an idea of what its worth....One door and both fenders have Clear GM Stickers, and on the tailgate you can see whats left of the sticker. Any ideas on what this stuff might be worth? Thanks!
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I just saw it, seems to be all over the place....some sold for 429 and some for 250.....give me a decent idea. I appreciate the help guys!
If 429 was for a fender, bet it was a passenger side. In 2000 I restore a 78 Chevy short bed step side, that I reskined with OEM NOS fenders and doors, I had bought one door probably back in the 80's cause of an issue, cost me about 160< and I use to get a ridiculous discount at the local dealer back then. in 2000 when I did the truck, there was a another dealer in my area selling doors for a pair for 250, and a pair of fenders for 125, I asked why, they weren't selling cause of the flood of far east front fenders and doors, You could buy

that stuff for 50 a fender and 100 for a door. Now when I went for NOS rear step side fenders the were over 900 for the pair, that list of course. They weren't reproduce in a far off land. Well a few years later, guess GM came to there senses, and the doors and fenders double and triple, in price. Just saying, sorry for being abit winded. Don't give them away. These trucks are starting to rise in price, just sold that 78 for 10 grand.
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