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wiw 57 2 door hardtop basketcase?

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sorry no pics, may be going to look at it later this week.
body on the frame, I imagine doors are include in the shell,
no clip but comes with 2 fenders, and hood. I imagine no front glass, or cracked at least
say its rolling with front and rear suspension, lets say wavy but your typical been sitting out in the desert type shell without rust. interior, I imagine seat frames front and back.
No idea if theres any chrome. Ive got my elcamino advertised here in the classifieds, guy asked if im interested in trading for this project. Ive got the elky advertised for 5500 obo, it runs, drives with a 454 turbo 350, 12 bolt 331 posi, buckets console etc etc. I cant NOT at least go look at it. My favorite tri 5 is actually a 55 chevy, but it could be used for trading material. Id eventually like to end up with a 68 camaro project. Jim
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Saw one more "complete" parts wise go for less than $3200.....Do you know Guy Price with the Priceless II Camaro race car out there??

Steve O.
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