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Wiring SI Alternator

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I know this has been covered but I seem to be finding only the CS130 info. As I read it thought it appears the wiring is the same for it(CS 130) as it is for the SI Alternator.

At the Voltage Regulator tie the Brown and Blue together and cap of the white and orange.

At the Alternator the plug I bought a NAPA that has red and white wires get wired as follows. The red plug wire loops around and is connected to the terminal marked battery at the alternator. The white plug(the one from NAPA) wire gets connected to the the blue wire(this connection is what maintains the idiot light, right?).

The parts man at NAPA also sold me a plug that has a diode/resistor in it but as I understand it I DON"T need that plug as the idiot light takes on the role of the diode/resistro, right?

Another reason I ask is that the papers that came with the Diode/resistor plug show a "WITH no charge indicator light"(using idiot light I assume) and a "WITHOUT no charge indicator light"(not using idiot light I assume).

The WITHOUT diagram shows the yellow wire(= white on non diode/resistor plug) of the plug connected to the ignition switch side of ignition coil or fuel solenoid which then goes to the vehicle ignition switch then to the vehicle battery.

The WITH diagram shows the yellow wire(= white wire on non diode/resistor plug) of the plug connected to the existing no charge indicator light(I assume the blue wire) that then goes to the vehicle ignition switch then to the battery. Do I need this additional diode as per the instruction sheet or is it overkill and the plug manufacturer is giving you the option of using the wire in either application as having the diode/resistor and idiot light together won't do any harm. The diode/resistor plug is 13.00 vs 3.00 for the non diode/resistor plug.

I hope my explaination isn't to confusing.

Could I also run a wire from the voltage regulator brown wire all the way to the alt #2 terminal and not cut or jumper any wires(except at the volt reg). I'm trying to leave as much "stock" in case someone in the future wants to return it that way.

Sorry if this sounds stupid but I want to make sure I do this right.

TIA Pete
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Yes Pete, the old regulator wires are tied like that. They get tied the same way for either the SI or CS.

No you don't need a diode or a resistor.

I can't see your new plug with its colors but the brown/blue wires go to SI terminal #1. SI terminal #2 just needs to tie to the large B+ stud on the alternator's rear side. Works OK there unless you are making some large electrical mods to the car.
This might help.
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