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So i am redoing some wiring on the car, have the dash off and seen these wires. Was hopeing someone may know so i can utilize these origional wires. My shop manual does not tell me descriptions for the color of wires. Hoping there are some gurus who could help guide me on this. I would test for it but i dont have a battery hook up yet and alot of loose ends to finish still. The car is a 1968 beaumont, now i know this car uses a GTO dash, so i am not sure if there are similarities between a chevelle, gto, acadian, and beaumont, with regards to wiring harness's.

The wiring harness shop manual for help. If i am not sapposed to post stuff like this feel free to remove it.
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The wires in question (located right above the cigerette lighter)
Lightbrown/tan with clear connector
Orange wire with blue connector
Brown wire with red connector
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Electrical wiring Wire Electrical supply Cable management Cable

The other wires in question that have been utilitized by someone i am thinking this was for the origional radio mayby?? Power/Switch/Dim lgihts?? (located at the end of the harness or heater controls) Note the white wire is my own and not part of the harness.
Yellow Wire
Light Brown/Tan
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