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Wiring Harness

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I just changed all the wiring harness in my 1970 chevelle SS 396, I am left with two plugs by the back of the distributor on the fire wall. One looks like an S and the other one is straight. I looked in the factory assembly manual and it looks like there should be a T.C.S. Relay on the fire wall. Does any one know what these plugs are for and what does the T.C.S. relay do ?

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who did you get the harness through and how hard was it? from 1-10 (10 being the hardest)
In your other post, Elree Colby 2 links on harnesses. Both of those are exact copies of the factory harness and connectors,and will be the easiest to install, as its basicly "plug and play", no cutting or splicing required. Before getting a harness, think about everything the car will have, as you can order one already modded for a HEI, internally regulated alternator ect...

There are other types of harnesses on the market that are cheaper, but will be much harder to install as they are universial to fit many cars.
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