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Wiring fustrations

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I'm in the process of restoring a 72 BB chevelle and have just replaced all the wiring (old wire was all cut up) in the engine compartment. After replacing all the engine compartment wiring I don't have any power to the fuse box. What wire sends 12 Volts to the fuse box? Let me get this right, The battery and the wire that goes to the altenator go to the "big" terminal on the starter. The Yellow wire goes to the "R" side and the purple goes the the "S" side. I have 12 volts to the Altenator and thats it. Do the wires that go to the external regulator from the altenator suppose to have 12V???? I HATE WIRING..... I'd just soon have a good hard kick in the ol' boys... LOL any help is truly appreciated.. Thanks
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Thank you. I know the exact wire you are refering to. I can't believe you have to have a horn relay to make the car work... I guess you could always by-pass it.... Thanks again for all you help..
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