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As John_Muha stated there is a bolt in the center of the two harness' in the engine side of the bulkhead connector. This bolt on my 73 and 74's has a retainer clip so the bolt does not vibrate loose and fall out. These two haress' are cliped to each other with one harness plug being for the ignition, starter, and alternator harness while the other harness is for the front end lighting.
To seperate the 2 male harnesss from the bulkhead connector (they have to be removed together and seperated after they are loose and away from the female connector in the firewall), loosen the center 3/8" bolt a few turns and then pull both connectors away from the firewall a little. Now loosen the bolt some more or all the way and then the harness' will be free from the female connector that is still bolted to the firewall. Once you get the two harness' free then they will unclip from each other by sliding the one away from the other one.
I just took these pictures of the bulhead connector I have for my 74 to give you an idea as to where it's at.
Bulkhead Connector

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