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Wiring for T-400 kickdown with Cowl Induction

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After putting my car back together, the transmission will not kick down into passing gear. The vacuum line is fine and I replaced the kickdown switch above the gas pedal. I think that I screwed up the wiring connections. Can anyone tell me how the wires connect from the fuse box to the kickdown switch and cowl induction harness ? Thanks.
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The cowl hood harness has a pink wire that connects to the IGN terminal on the fuse block and to the throttle switch, it provides the power for both the cowl hood and the T-400. It connects to one side of the switch along with a black wire, the black wire powers the T-400 if the car didn't have the cowl hood, the other side of the switch gets a pink wire from the CH harness and an orange wire for the T-400.
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