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Wiring for SS Dash conversion

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I am converting from non SS dash to SS dash on a 71 Chevelle with all gauges and a tach. Does any one know if I need to replace the engine wiring harness and will the tach work with a later model HEI distributor? The distributor is out of a 76 Chevrolet with coil in the distributor.
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I just replaced my "Idiot" light SS dash on my 70 with the full gauge package (tach, amp, etc).

I needed to purchase a complete wiring harness for the dash (fush box up) and the forward lighting harness in the engine compartment (not the engine wiring harness).

I purchased mine through (they are exact reproduction with clips and correct wire colors -- Dash harness $380/Light harness $140). Others have recommended painless harness on here but I have never used them .. maybe better, dont know.

Everything in the dash works great .. all gauges and lights.

My tack worked fined, just connected the wire provided to my coil ... my friend has later model HEI distributer and he has no problems.
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