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Wiring accessories for safety?

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Hello all,

In my 64 chevelle, I have a stock fuse block and i am running the following accessories:

-Electric Fan w/ relay (fuse box IGN)
-Electric kickdown (fuse box IGN)
-Stereo (fuse box ACC)
-Electric choke (fuse box ACC)
-Amp (to BATT) with inline fuse

I do not want to overload the system or cause any shorts down the line, what would you guys suggest for safety, i was thinking an additional fuse block or just using inline fuses, or is my system ok as is?

also here is m schematics for the additional fuse box if added




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I think it would be best to draw power from the horn relay rather than the battery or existing fuse box wiring. The alternator provides power directly to the horn relay. The factory wires off the horn relay are usually 10g between the horn relay and battery, and 10g between relay and fuse box, which is insufficient to allow another 70A draw to your new fuse box.

In your diagram swap pins 85 and 86. 85 is the ground and 86 is the trigger. These wires only need to carry about 1A current, so 18g wire is more appropriate.

More important is to match the wire gauge for the load circuit, so 8g wire on pin 30 must match 8g wire on pin 87.

I would recommend instead of a fuse between the battery and relay, to use a self-resetting circuit breaker of the appropriate amperage. These are about $10.

8g wire with THHN insulation is good for about 70A given the short length involved. Is that sufficient for everything that will draw from the new fuse block?
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