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Wiring a Street /Strip Vehicle

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I need some help figuring out the best way to do this. Im not a electrician, but enjoy the tidy work of wiring a car or truck.

This is what Im working on and its goals.

My vehicle is a 87 S10 with a 500 horse 383, will be a Street / Strip truck. Its backhalfed. I plan to wire this truck for that purpose. I currently have cut the factory fuse block and wiring to only use what I need. I plan to use a auxiliary fuse block to run the rest of add ons and relays.

Here is what Im tiring to accomplish.

1. Battery relocation with Master Disconnect.
2. Use of a Auxiliary Fuse Block
3. Relays for Fuel, Water, and Electric Fans
4. Im trying to have the fuel and water pump work via switched power, like a street car, would do, but still have manual control via a toggle.
5. Im trying to have both auto and manual control of the fans. Auto the fans come on based on the sensor and Manual they come on when toggle flipped that way to cool down truck. Fans would stay on after flipping off the toggle to until the sensor switch opens.
6. Im also trying to take advantage of a oil pressure switch for safety reason as well.

Here is my diagram, hopefully you can read it.


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Thanks Vince for your reply. I have included another diagram with the changes you suggested. Let me know if I understood you correctly.


so the aux fuse box is powered from the wrong terminal on the furd-solenoid.
it would only work when the starter is engaged.
you would not want to run the fusible links in series, should be wired in parallel.
it looks like you have the elec. water pump bypassing the rad. fans?
i would keep the [2] circuits seperate keeping the two rad. fans on a separate toggles to apply ground to the relays to activate the circuit.
i also planned for what happens if a fusible line burns out, by making extra and including them in the wiring harness, they are connected to power but not terminated with a wire out the other end...

Thanks Vince.

I made some of the described changes in the diagram attached.

Not sure I understand the fusible line burn out deal...could you explain more?

Please make comments on the diagram.


Ok, thanks Vince for your continued patience in helping me sort out this issue.

I have labeled the Ford Relay with its connections. I realize the labeling may be backwards as to where the connections really are on a Ford Relay, but they make the drawing easier.

I put in a couple of fusible links going from the Ford Relay to both the Factory and Auxiliary Fuse Blocks. Not sure if this is what you meant.

I forgot to put in a Ignition Hot wire from the Factory Fuse Block to the Auxiliary Block the first time, but have that installed now.

The Auxiliary Block also has a relay that I left out originally, but in the current diagram, its included.

The Auxiliary Block has 3 Ignition Hot wires running from it and 3 Constant Hot wires running from it.

I also made changes to show the NSS in the diagram, however, Im unsure if your diagram means this is how a factory GM harness incorporates a Ford Relay or if this is a Ford diagram being wired into a Ford harness.

Oil pressure switch: I made some changes there.

No = Ignition hot
NC = Battery hot
C = runs to the relay.

Also take a look at the wiring for the Momentary Electric Fan Toggle. I think everything is in order there.

Im not sure the fans can be wired individually, at least the unit I have. I will check to see if they can be.


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Thanks Vince! I hope I get everything right there that you mention.

Im a little confused. The Auxiliary Box has a fusible link on the both the ignition wire and battery wire feeding it?

I also ran all the battery to either the battery spot on the FORD RELAY or to the Positive (+) side of the battery.

I also included the MSD wiring.


Ok Vince.

Will do!

Appreciate all the time and effort you gave here in overseeing my work and guiding me in the right direction.
Ok, ,will do!!!
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