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I am in the process of installing a Painless wiring harness in my 66, and there is one blue wire in the kit for wipers. How does this hook up to my 3 wire switch? Do i just tap into one of them? Im confused
somebody please help. Also, where could i find tht wiper "transmission" that goes from the back of the motor to the wiper arms?...the ones i have now are trashed.

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May ask Painless where this wire comes from. Painless is a universal harness and the Chevy schematics aren't much help. Suspect that either it's the 12 volt line from the fuse box or it isn't used. Your original 66 dash harness didn't contain the wiper switch connections. There were a couple of small harnesses that went between the switch and the motor. If you don't have these you can get new ones from M & H.
Maybe ask in the Members Classified area for your transmission. Somebody probably has one that they will sell. I saw one a week ago on a 66 Buick but didn't take it so the things are around

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