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Wiper motor started smoking!

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This is a good one. I replaced my wiper motor which has never worked since i got the car. I had tried jumping the terminals to see if the old motor was any good, but i never got it to work. So I bought a new motor, removed the washer pump from the old motor and bolted the thing back in. Fast forward to today when i hooked up my battery for the first time, the wiper motor made a little whir or click and started smoking! :eek: Well naturally i pulled the wires off and re-checked that i had them hooked up right per the diagram from this site. I disconnected the wiper arm thinking it may be binding or something but no deal, it just starts smoking again. I think I may have toasted it. What could cause this?? could i have put the washer pump on wrong?? THanks
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What wiper motor is it? Square or round motor? You say that you took the washer motor off the old motor? did you put the washer cam on backwards? if so it will bind the motor.
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