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Wiper motor started smoking!

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This is a good one. I replaced my wiper motor which has never worked since i got the car. I had tried jumping the terminals to see if the old motor was any good, but i never got it to work. So I bought a new motor, removed the washer pump from the old motor and bolted the thing back in. Fast forward to today when i hooked up my battery for the first time, the wiper motor made a little whir or click and started smoking! :eek: Well naturally i pulled the wires off and re-checked that i had them hooked up right per the diagram from this site. I disconnected the wiper arm thinking it may be binding or something but no deal, it just starts smoking again. I think I may have toasted it. What could cause this?? could i have put the washer pump on wrong?? THanks
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May want to bench test it before installing it.
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