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Sorry this is a double post but I've only got one reply in the troubleshooting section since I posted nearly a week ago. I just need to know how to troubleshoot my wiper motor. I bought a new unit from ground up then after installing it I turned my keys on and the wiper blades went from all the way down to all the way up then stopped. They haven't moved from there since and I've tried wiring the wiper switch all different ways but that hasn't done anything. I'm pretty sure the wiring on the motor itself is correct because my old motor worked for a while after I rewired my car. Where should I be checking for power when the switch is on? It's a 70 without hideaway wipers.

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The wipers on Velles are not wired like other electric motors are... in this case it's the ground that is "switched" on & off and is not a "power" fed wire. You have to ensure that ALL your grounds are clean and tight, that there IS a ground strap across one of the rubber grommets on the motor housing and that you have NOT hooked up the wiper arm linkage till after the motor runs and PARKS first!! Just even a lil paint or corrosion will make the motor act like a dead one if it can't ground to the chassis~ You might want to take the motor out and hook it up to a battery and make sure it runs out of the car before putting it back in. That way you will also know it's in the "Parked" position prior to connecting up the linkage. The "Type C" motors are pretty rugged and hardly often die, it's usually just a bad ground or switch...

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