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My wipers suddenly stopped working today. I checked the fuse but it is good. What should my next check be? Time for a new motor? Please let me know how and what you would check to troubleshoot for this.
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Thanks in advance...

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This is a copy of a reply to a post last week.

Check for voltage on the yellow wire (with the ignition switch on). It comes from the WIPER fuse in the fuse block. Use a voltmeter or a test light.

Check the wiring/switch as follows. Use an OHMmeter to check for correct grounding of the light blue, black and dark blue wires. Disconnect the connectors at the wiper motor. With the switch off the light blue wire only should be grounded. With the switch on low the light blue and the black wires should be grounded. When on high the black wire only should be grounded. When you push the switch for wash the dark blue wire should be grounded.

Refer to the following for wiper operation. I'm assuming you have the hideaway wipers. If your 69 has the square motor (non hideaway) the motor internals are differant but the switch/checks are the same.

68-72 hideaway wiper system. CLICK FOR DRAWING

1. Wiper switch. (grounds the three attached wires as follows)
Light Blue- grounded in Low-speed and Hi-speed positions.
Black- grounded in Low-speed and Off positions.
Dark Blue- grounded when pushed for washer pump operation.

2. Run solenoid. The Light Blue wire is grounded to lock out the park (mechanically prevents the wipers from being driven to the park position) and close the run/park switch.

3. Shunt winding. This winding is parallel to the armature winding.

4. Series winding. This winding is in series with the armature and shunt windings.

5. Run/Park switch. Closed when the run solenoid is energized (Black wire grounded) or when the run solenoid is de-energized and wipers are not in park position.

6. Wash pump start coil. When the Dark Blue wire is grounded this coil latches the wash pump for one cycle.

7. Shunt winding resistor. Grounds the shunt winding during high-speed operation bypassed (Black wire grounded) during low-speed and park.

8. Wiper motor fuse (25 amp) in fuse block. Has +12 VDC when ignition switch is in run or accessory position.

The switch grounding sequence has been corrected. Black and Light blue are switched. As pointed out by Coppertop. Thanks Joe.

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Hey guys,that was my post last week ,a new motor fixed it !! Thanks .....Mark
Ps ,Elree that post was the stuff!!!

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