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Tried a search with no luck, saw a post from five years ago but it left the result hanging and did not say which part number was used.

My new engine will have four Weber 44 IDF's and zero vacuum sources.
My solid lifter cam would have almost no vacuum anyway.

So I need to find a manual Wilwood or Tilton dual MC setup with adjustable bias.
Want a hydro clutch too as I've had some bad days with Z bars.

My rear is a Jag IRS with Wilwood calipers.
Now my factory front disc are probably a bit small, but I cannot go too large as I intend to keep my 15" wheels.
Front rotors and caliper upgrade should be fairly simple, it's the MC issue that is being difficult.

Somebody must have done this before, hard to believe I would be the first.
"Universal" kits, but some are going to fit better/easier than others.
Looking for suggestions, hopefully from someone who has actual experience.
Any auto-X or road-racers here?
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