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1972 Chevelle
468 rect port heads
Performer Air gap intake
Holley 850 double pump
4000 convertor TH400
3.73 gear
125HP power shot

11-772-8 Solid roller comp cam

1'st i'll have it ground on a billet cam for the extra $40.00

248/[email protected] duration
.653/.666 lift

is this a good choice on cams? Any better cams you guys can recomend.
This is what comp recomended me.

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Are you running the #990 heads? That looks like a nice grind for a street car. You could be more agressive though. I see you went with a solid roller and square port heads. So to follow the theme and make use of the big heads I would go with a cam that will hang in there a little higher in the R.P.M range. Maybe someting in the .260 @.050 range and around .700 lift. To get use of the big heads. If you went to an oval port head the cam you picked would be better.

Now that I said that I am not an engine builder just a gear head. So take my advice lightly. I had a combo like yours with a little more compression.
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