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will team g intake fit w/stock cowl hood '70

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i have a 70 with stock cowl induction hood. i also have a wieand team g intake for a big block. are any of you guys running the team g intake with the stock cowl hood and does it have clearence. if not what mods did you do.
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I have the team G on my 72. I have a 1/2" wood spacer with a 3" element, Without a spacer you may fit a 4" in there. The close spot is in the front where the hood starts to taper down. I had the inner fender out and was able to verify the clearance under throttle.Your motor mounts could be a little off from mine but you can use the Team G.
It is a Team G single Plane intake for BBC. From everything I saw it was really the same height as an Air Gap.All Team G intakes are single plane ( No Divider ) And Yes stocck cowl hood.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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