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will 70-72 monte power lock harness work in 72 elky

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Today while at the yard I found a 70 -72 monte carlo with power locks, windows, and tilt wheel.My question is on the power lock harness there is a very small plug on each side near the kick panel.It has one orange and one yellow wire.What are these for.Could it be lights, or door buzzer,what? I know you guys are going to say i'm crazy,but I already have the windows and tilt, so I left those.I plan on going back when I get paid for those items.If anyone could help me out on the small plug that would be great. Also if anyone is interested in the windows or tilt let me know.will the regulators work on chevelles. Whats the going price for complete window set up?
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Thats it. I remember seeing 2 door jamb switches, I think. So I also need the intermeteate harness. The seats were gone.Is it worth grabbing the rest of the harness , I know it won't work on my elky.
are the seat back releases availible, or good luck finding them
I went back today and there was not 2 door jamb switches. It was a quick trip because I nearly cut my thumb off trying to get out a window regulator.From the broken plug that was near the area, it looked like it went across the front of the dash. Could this have something to do with seatbelt warning system. Thanks
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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