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Why does Left front wheel stick out farther than the right?

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Is it commom for the left front wheel/spindle to stick out farther than the right on a 70 model? Wheel backspacing is the same so its not the rims and the car drives fine. Everthing looks identical (spindles/rotors, etc) but when you stand back 50-100ft and look straight at the front of the car you can tell it offsets outward more (sticks out farther). A friend of mine in the automotive business says this was common in 60-70 model Chevys but I'd appreciate some feedback whether anybody elses is the same? It's ironic I sold a 66 Chevy II recently with a front disc brake conversion and its left front wheel stuck out farther too. Would you guys compensate by going with more backspacing on that side? Thanks....Pat
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My best guess would be that the front sheetmetal is not aligned properly, or the body is not centered on the frame.
To look at it the body's arrow straight. I'd show a pic but haven't figured out how to link pics to this site yet....Pat
Thanks guys, I'll check it out...Pat
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