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Why does Left front wheel stick out farther than the right?

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Is it commom for the left front wheel/spindle to stick out farther than the right on a 70 model? Wheel backspacing is the same so its not the rims and the car drives fine. Everthing looks identical (spindles/rotors, etc) but when you stand back 50-100ft and look straight at the front of the car you can tell it offsets outward more (sticks out farther). A friend of mine in the automotive business says this was common in 60-70 model Chevys but I'd appreciate some feedback whether anybody elses is the same? It's ironic I sold a 66 Chevy II recently with a front disc brake conversion and its left front wheel stuck out farther too. Would you guys compensate by going with more backspacing on that side? Thanks....Pat
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just get a 5/8 dia rod get under the car and look for the body to frame alingment tabs with a 5/8 hole in it stick the rod in and that will tell you right off the bat if your body has shifted. if they check out the get a tape measure and a square and check the frame . mine was diamoned shaped as it was hit in the right front and it cost me 1500 bucks to get it straightened. every place on your frame that there is a 45 deg angle that square should fit if your frame is good and straight.
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