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Who makes rear drag racing coil springs for 66?

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I have a set of Moroso trick front drag springs, but I am also interested in some rear drag springs. Moroso only makes them for 68-72, at least that is what the Jeg's catalog says. Anyone have a set of rear drag springs or know how to get a set?
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CDN SS, is that a Big block in your 66? Did you run those #'s with the Big block? Wanna race my small block? I already have comp. engineering shocks on all 4 corners of my 66. As well as the Moroso tricks on the front. I haven't played with them too much, though. I was just wanting a little more squat in the rear end. It was just something I thought of the other day.
CDN SS I was just checkin out your Chevelle and time slips in the showroom. Very nice!! I have considered the QA1's but they are a little expensive. I am just considering other avenues as far as rear suspension goes. I don't want to backhalf my car or 4 link it.
I clicked on your link and scrolled thru and found a time slip from BLT4FUN. sorry.
How about 11.9's will it run that?
Just playin, just jokin guys, just having some good fun. Winter is getting harder on us every year.
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