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Who makes rear drag racing coil springs for 66?

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I have a set of Moroso trick front drag springs, but I am also interested in some rear drag springs. Moroso only makes them for 68-72, at least that is what the Jeg's catalog says. Anyone have a set of rear drag springs or know how to get a set?
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I hestitated to reply on this but I agree with the above post re Moroso springs ...... my opinion keep your stock springs and invest in some good adjustable shocks and an anti roll bar ...... FWIW
chevydog66 said:
CDN SS, is that a Big block in your 66? Did you run those #'s with the Big block? Wanna race my small block? I already have comp. engineering shocks on all 4 corners of my 66. As well as the Moroso tricks on the front. I haven't played with them too much, though. I was just wanting a little more squat in the rear end. It was just something I thought of the other day.
Somehow I knew not offer my opinion......... not sure what your refferring to " did you run those numbers with a big block ? Wanna race my small block " you asked for info on springs and 67 supersport gave some advice and I agree take it for what it's worth
anyway Ive been there done that, trick of the week springs front and back in an earlier version of this car ...........stock springs car as low and level as possible whithout slicks rubbing and a good set of adjustable shocks consider Koni's Strange QA1's etcetc
chevydog66 said:
CDN SS I was just checkin out your Chevelle and time slips in the showroom. Very nice!! I have considered the QA1's but they are a little expensive. I am just considering other avenues as far as rear suspension goes. I don't want to backhalf my car or 4 link it.
Ok understand now........except that there are no times posted in the showroom
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