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Who do you get a tough 4l60E built up 95/406 SB 4x4 1/2 t Vortec ECSB

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In need of a strong, tough 4l60E built up for my 95/406 SB 4x4 Vortec headed roller cammed TBI 1/2 ton truck, extended cab, short box
These are my driving habits and style. Pedal to the floor and running hard often into my red line around 5-5500. I will tow some but I'm a pedal to the metal all the time Driver.

It is a fairly bare bones truck but I added my flare with a 400 small block with a hydraulic roller cam, lifters, rockers and ported larger valve Vortec heads. A ported 2"/50mm throttle body with spacer, and 454 BB injectors @ 90lbs running 32 psi a custom chip with long tube headers and a 2 into 1 then back to 2 dual exhaust. Also has adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a 255lph LT1 type fuel pump.

Motor should be making 400-500 ft. lbs of torque maybe 375-400 on horses at the crank.

Thinking I want 2000-2200 stall speed just to launch harder. It has 3.73 gears with 29-30" tall 20" rims and 10-12" wide contact patch on the tires. But the truck is lowered and most always street driven.

I had bought a Trans-Go #2 shift kit and the Corvette servo but never got them in.

It has an additional cooler and a remote filter as well.

Just want to spend the cash 1 time and get 3+ years of driving time. Its not a daily driver either.

I would like to have the 5 pinion planetary that the 4l65e uses for added piece of mind.

Firm crisp shifts are great. I would like the torque converter to lock up around 50 mph., unless I'm into the throttle and especially stay and hold @65-75. It has kind of jumped into and out of 4th lock up a lot, and come out under the lightest pedal pressure.

Who did you use?

Any warranty issues?

Good service?

Any failures?

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I have broken 2 stock 4L65E output shafts in my AWD Silverado SS. I broke down and bought a Hardened, cryo'd, billet shaft. FLT builds great transmissions. I currently have a 4L65 in my truck with billet servos, shift kit, trailblazer torque converter, and that hardened output shaft. I am probably at 500hp at the crank. Spend a little money on the shift kit and servos and a good band. You probably don't need the output shaft. The torque converter has served me well and I have had no problems with it. It flashes around 3000rpm in my truck.

It is supercharged...that 4L80 swap is pricey. I think the components I have in my tranny will live a long time, the only thing I probably should have done is the billet input shaft too. FLT is not cheap but they stand behind their transmissions. I saw a company at Super Chevy today that advertised a lifetime warranty but I can't remember their name.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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