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White Face Guages......1972 SS dash

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Ok all you dash modifiiers out there. I like the look of the white face guages but I want to take this a step further if I can.

I am wondering if any of the guage manufacturers make a "dual guage" like some of the newer cars have. By dual I mean 2 different functions like say oil pressure and water temp or oil pressure and fuel in one instrument.

My thought is I want to add one extra guage to the stock GM SS dash layout and retain everything else that is in the dash.

I want to get all the following instruments:

Large Diameter


Small diameter

oil pressure
Volt or ammeter (eather one)
water temp

Problem is there are not enough holes in the stock dash layout and I won't cut another hole. What I am thinking is if someopne makes a combo of almost any two of the small dia guages in one unit I am home free. Likely the clock would have to be small and by itself just due to the need for a 360 degree face. That gets me to a combo of two of the following fuel, volts / ammeter oil pressure or water temp combined in one guage. Likely that would need to be a little smaller dia than the tach and the speedo but larger in dia than the smaller single function guages.

Any ideas as to a manufacturer to look at????
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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