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Which slicks?

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So I bought some slicks at the swap meet a few months ago. they're hoosier quick time pros, 26x9 I bought them for $100 with rims and tubes. My buddy just texted me and offered me his hoosier 28x10.5 for $200 would I be better off with the 10.5's I'm still pretty worried when I race this july that I'll stall it up to launch and the tire will just blow away. and I've got 3:73 gears and I'll shift @5700rpm
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A good chassis should be fine with the 9" QTP's. I just put 28-11.50-15 QTP's on my nova and expect it in the high 1.3's 60ft times.

Depends alot on how much power and times your car will run as well. How much room the 65 elkys have for room is an issue as too. The 28X 10.5 Hoosier slicks have a 10 contact and about a 11.6 section width, will that fit your car?
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