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Which new internally regulated alternator to chose?

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I've already been searching this subject for a couple hours without finding a match yet.
Current external alternator dead and need to upgrade in a hurry to an internally regulated alternator. Seems like MAD Enterprises and M&H are sources to upgrade to a 10SI or 12SI model for conversion kits. My question is: With only a low power stereo and a planned addition of a cooling fan as accessories, what model 10SI or 12SI alternator show I ask for? I'd like to get a genuine Delco unit, but I'm sure the output characteristics and perhaps other variables are determined by what year/model/options of the vehicle they were built for. Any recommendations as to exact Delco part number to ask for based on my needs?
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If you're going with a cooling fan then at least a 12SI alternator or use a CS130 alternator.

You mentioned MAD so go Here and near the bottom is a table with part numbers. Even AC Delco numbers!

To do the conversion you can connect the outer 2 wires and the inner 2 wires on the regulator plug. Then, install an alternator plug that has the wires the opposite way. The Tech Reference on this site has some good info.

Good to hear. From all accounts, Mark is a great guy to talk to and he always has good info and advice.

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