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Which new internally regulated alternator to chose?

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I've already been searching this subject for a couple hours without finding a match yet.
Current external alternator dead and need to upgrade in a hurry to an internally regulated alternator. Seems like MAD Enterprises and M&H are sources to upgrade to a 10SI or 12SI model for conversion kits. My question is: With only a low power stereo and a planned addition of a cooling fan as accessories, what model 10SI or 12SI alternator show I ask for? I'd like to get a genuine Delco unit, but I'm sure the output characteristics and perhaps other variables are determined by what year/model/options of the vehicle they were built for. Any recommendations as to exact Delco part number to ask for based on my needs?
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Thanks much Peter F !
Peter F, the MAD Enterprises web-site is terrific. I would consider it a must read for Chevelle owners. I talked to Mark Hamilton at length today. I get the feeling he would've talked all morning to me if I didn't have to get baack to work!
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