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I have built a 454 .60 over 840 heads hyd. roller. Well as soon as the motor was together a lifter bottom cam out, engine works brand, all comp roller now! Fixed that then a piece of the lifter bottom locked the oil pump up there was a massive hole in the screen that I have no Idea how it got there!!!!!! I built this motor myself from scratch!!!! Then after another complete rebuild water and oil started coming out of the oil filler caps on the valve covers!! I shotblocked the motor in the car fun fun!!!! A/C CAR 72 SS To discover that the head gasket was blocking the cooling holes on the bottom of the block. It has the three holes not just one. The block is a 83 truck block and I am running the 1968 corvette 840 heads. Ordered another set of gaskets and they were the same way. My local race shop/machine shop B&B Racing Engines says its ok to block the holes but I have invested about 10k in a motor that shuld have been about 4k. Im not leaving it up to chance again!!!!!! I just dont feel right covering up water holes!!!!!!!!!

Please help all advice is helpful!

Thanks Brian
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